Rat Control
  • Based on the rat infestation a long lasting method is suggested by our pest control experts.
  •  Rat Bait: In this method an attractive food for rats in the house is mixed with poison.
  •  Snap Trap: It is a traditional method in which an attractant such as food is kept in the trap and its placed along pathways rodents travel.
  •  Glue Trap: In this mousetrap, rodents get stuck and suffocate to death and it is placed along wall side.
  •  Option for AMC for Rodent Control includes regular check-ups and monitoring visits for common areas, row houses and bungalows.
  •  We strongly recommend you to read the Pest Control Do’s & Don’t guide
  •  Read our Rodent Control Treatment FAQs to know more about our Rodent Pest Control Services in Chennai.
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